The official launch of Axopar and Brabus Marine in Malta

Esteemed guests were treated to an evening of nautical excellence and exquisite harbour views on July 5, 2023 at Laguna Marina. Boating enthusiasts witnessed the official launch of Axopar and Brabus Marine, in the presence of a formidable fleet of adventure boats berthed at Malta’s foremost boutique marina at Valletta Waterfront.

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Welcomed by a collection of Finnish day boats along the marina’s dock, guests gathered to celebrate the official launch of Axopar and Brabus Marine.

The event marked their official representation by Premium Power Sport Limited and their official housing and management from Laguna Marina. This comprehensive marina is a subsidiary of Yachthub Group, a self-sustainable group of yachting companies that provide an array of in-house professional boating services. Spearheaded by CEO Charlo Briffa, the concept behind Yachthub Group is to ensure an uninterrupted and enjoyable boating experience that fully enables their clients’ yachting lifestyle. 

As the sun slowly set on Laguna Marina, this was certainly the dawning of a new era for Axopar and Brabus Marine in Malta. Though considered to be niche brands within the local boating community, Axopar and Brabus Marine have garnered a glowing reputation as adventure boats, built with resilience in mind and designed for multi-faceted maritime leisure.

Axopar is a globally renowned Finnish brand of premium range motorboats known for their cutting-edge aesthetic. Developed in the tough waters of Scandinavia, Axopar vessels are forged by a passion for adventure and the great outdoors. Their purpose is to keep the seafarer united with the ocean through an exhilarating driving experience, as well as incredible value for money. Axopar presents motorboats that are always disruptive to the industry, challenging boating norms by providing a strong vessel DNA.

Meanwhile, Brabus Marine is the result of a groundbreaking alliance between two of the most renowned organisations in their respective industries. In this collaboration, Scandinavian design meets German engineering. The award-winning boat builder Axopar and the high-performance automotive producer Brabus have been brought together to redefine luxury day boating through the development of supremely exciting boats.

Guests were in the presence of 10 imposing Axopar vessels in a range of sizes and configurations. Of particular note were the well-converted Axopar 37 Cross Cabin, the Axopar 37 ST Mediterranean Package and the blue Axopar 28 T-Top. Although some of the models are pre-owned, their treatment delivered by Premium Power Sport is certainly evident; every vessel has been well preserved, with no expenses spared. Some of the current pre-owned Axopar boats include a 37ST, a 28TT, a 28 Cabin and a 24TT.

Laguna Marina is no stranger to elegant soirées within its impressive premises. As an open-air venue in the heart of Valletta’s Grand Harbour, Laguna Marina offers its guests a 250-year-old historic backdrop, characterised by a promenade of Grand Master Pinto’s restored warehouses, now repurposed as stylish eateries and shopping outlets.

The evening’s proceedings celebrated Laguna Marina as the home for the Axopar and Brabus Marine sales office, operated by RLRand Yachthub Group subsidiary Premium Power Sport. These brands will enjoy a dedicated area within the marina, allowing customers the chance to experience everything pertaining to the brands. Laguna Marina offers Axopar and Brabus owners an all-encompassing service, from the extensive range of services provided by Yachthub Group, to the marina’s very own premium level of facilities.

Moreover, Laguna Marina can strengthen its patrons’ boating skills through its extensive nautical courses, including its nautical license course recognised by Transport Malta. They also offer practical one-to-one sessions for boat owners who want to practise better boating on the Axopar range.

Speaking at the event, Yachthub Group CEO Charlo Briffa had this to say about the new developments: “Since 2014, Axopar Boats has grown to become one of Europe’s top 10 powerboat producers and is comfortably regarded as the biggest boat producer in the Nordic countries. Since their introduction to Malta in 2019, the Axopar and Brabus Marine brands have been very successful with super yachts as chase boats, and with boaters who are after hassle-free boating, low holding running costs and excellent performance.”


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