The Valletta Waterfront

Our marina is located along the water’s edge of Valletta, a fortified city that is rich in nautical history. The Valletta harbour has welcomed all kinds of vessels throughout its existence. From the galley ships of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, to celebrity superyachts that now grace the harbour. 

As you cruise into Malta’s Grand Harbour, you’ll be welcomed by a series of ancient and mighty fortifications. Nestled among them is the Valletta Waterfront, your first up-close and personal taste of Maltese architecture. Laguna Marina premises lie opposite the historic Pinto Stores which had been built by Grandmaster Emanuel Pinto da Fonseca in 1752. Designed by Andrea Belli, the nineteen spaces you’ll see along the promenade had originally been used as stores by the Knights of Malta, serving as warehouses to aid harbour activity. History recalls the ceremonious unveiling of the Grand Master’s bronze statue just above the middle warehouse, for which the entire wharf came alive with torchlight for a grand waterside carnival, complete with an orchestra aboard a barge.

The spaces have now been restored to their former glory, painted in the traditional Maltese colours which represent the different cargo that would be stored back in the day. Instead of torchlight, the promenade is lit by a hub of activity. The cavernous stores have been transformed into hubs for dining, shopping and entertainment, offering you an array of services and respite once you’ve berthed your vessel with us. As it’s in the heart of a thriving maritime hub, the Valletta Waterfront sees a steady flow of private boaters, land-based tourists, cruise passengers and locals, who are privy to the stunning views of Fort Ricasoli, Fort St Angelo and the Three Cities.

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