Nautical School

Are you ready to take your boating skills to the next level? Our nautical school at the Laguna Marina is where you can brush up on the finer points of high-standard boating and navigation, and also get certified with a nautical license that is registered with Transport Malta.

Our nautical courses are catered for you to navigate the Maltese waters safely and securely aboard vessels of up to 24 metres in length. Boaters will find this course extremely lucrative, not just in terms of knowledge and advancement, but also when it comes to joining boat clubs and vessel schemes in Malta. Through the exceptional teaching skills of our tutor, Deividas Bukauskas, you’ll be able to identify and perform more technical procedures and best practices when out at sea.


Nautical Licence FAQS

How much does the Nautical Licence cost?

The total cost for the Nautical Licence course is €250, including the Transport Malta examination fee.

What operating limits does the Nautical Licence provide?

Holders of the Nautical Licence are free to boat within the Maltese territorial waters.

What is the duration of the Nautical Licence course?

The course covers an estimated total of 24 hours, including both classroom work and practical training.

How do I sign up for the Nautical Licence course?

Send us an email to, or a WhatsApp message to +356 99505640


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