Aelita a passé 10 ans sur Lyoko, elle a donc normalement 23 ans, mais son séjour dans le monde virtuel l'a conservé sous l'aspect d'une fille de 13 ans. Everyone defends the heart, with Aelita having developed a new power, Energy Field, which allows her to defend herself. This was most notable in Music to Soothe the Savage Beast, where Jeremie unapologietically said he was willing to miss Aelita's concert just so he could keep working on a new program that would help the group find more Replikas. She can also make an energy shield, but it costs energy. Code Lyoko - if X.A.N.A. They fail to destroy the supercomputer though, but thanks to Aelita's hard work, Jeremie's program and Odds laser arrows, William is devirtualized and freed from X.A.N.As control. has his Scyphozoa possess Aelita and uses her to erase the four main Sectors one by one by entering "Code X.A.N.A." In Season 1, she is 12 (being skipped ahead). POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Code Lyoko is a French anime-style cartoon with CGI about four kids who discover a virtual world known as Lyoko. Aelita Schaeffer est l'un des Lyoko-Guerriers de Code Lyoko. CODE LYOKO - EP26 - Faux DépartLa matérialisation d’Aelita est un succès… il est temps de désactiver définitivement XANA ! Aelita has a complex connection to Lyoko. In False Pretenses, it is revealed that she calls Jeremie "Proxy-Pie" when they're alone together. Franz Hopper explained that X.A.N.A. During Ghost Channel, Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich disappeared during a return to the past. Aussi noté Xana ou X.A.N.A., il est une intelligence artificielle dans la série d'animation française 2D/3D Code Lyoko. Later on, X.A.N.A. A Materialization program is being tested. But one thing is done: Aelita managed to tell her mother she is alive. She was also eventually able to forgive her father after he sacrificed himself for her. As Tower is deactivated, William returns to Replika in order to destroy the Skid, but is stopped by Ulrich and Aelita again. Elle incite donc Jérémie à rallumer le supercalculateur. Sur les ordres de ce dernier, Aelita renonce à sauver son père et lance le programme qui détruit XANA avec succès. However, it gets stuck and monsters attack it, forcing Aelita to defend it. You can use Petrification to freeze enemies in solid blocks of ice for a limited amount of time. Tous deux sont très complices (épisode 57 Aelita), et Odd a une certaine influence sur Aelita, lui enseignant certaines tactiques de combat, au désespoir de Jérémie qui voit ainsi Aelita prendre des risques considérables. Serait-ce lui qui aurait reprogrammé XANA ? 's slave against his will. Récemment encore, Aelita s'est découverte des talents de DJ, et a commencé à en faire l'une de ses nouvelles passions. 's Kiss, where she kissed him. Aelita with the others in Evolution poster. takes control of him as its servant once again. is living inside his supercomputer and one of his updates is the reason for the multi agent system's failed attacks. As Franz sends Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich to Lyoko, Jeremie finds out that Franz is an impostor and helped Aelita to send a clone of her to Lyoko, where the Scyphozoa attacked and destroyed it. Thanks to Aelita's codes, X.A.N.A has reached 80% of its full power and Aelita blames herself for it, only to be comforted by the others. Lyoko est décrit de façon précise dans la saison 4 de la série. 60 Pages. Sending Aelita and Odd to Lyoko, Aelita checks the Sector Five tower to see if its activated. Wiki Code Lyoko est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Télévision. He explains that he was a prisoner, but managed to escape and that he was there to help the Lyoko Warriors rid of X.A.N.A.. This, combined with eventual discovery of her traumatic past, nearly broke Aelita's will entirely. De l'histoire aux épisodes, des personnages aux monstres, de la Terre à Lyoko : CodeLyoko.Fr, tout ce que tu dois savoir sur Code Lyoko ! is a danger for all of mankind and is getting more and more power as they speak but Tyron refuses to believe them and tries to trap the two girls in the Cortes but Jeremie saves them, bringing them back to Earth. until Jeremie finds a way to materialize Aelita. These all, of course, are lies so Aelita can stay on Earth and to make people believe that she is a normal girl. decides to attack the Heart of Lyoko, leaving only Aelita and William to deal with the problem. L'idée d'un amour entre Odd Aelita n'est pas nouvelle. 2. Aelita en mode princesse: Posté par Fuby_LyOkO le 25/03/2010 à 22h24: Vu 6996 fois Note : 15,8/20: J'ai changé de concept pour une fois j'ai pas représenté les personnages version "Code Lyoko". 's power level is too great for the team to overpower in their last mission to infect it and the Cortex. Aelita est aussi la Lyoko-Guerrière qui pardonne le plus facilement : ainsi, elle en veut visiblement moins que les autres à Ulrich lorsqu'il a utilisé à tort le retour vers le passé dans l'épisode 35 (Les jeux sont faits), et est la seule à ne pas s'opposer au retour de William au sein de l'équipe dans l'épisode 94 (Contre-attaque). After discovering a parallel universe hidden inside a supercomputer, a group of plucky students embark on a quest to stop a renegade virus. After being given some general instruction from Odd, William convinced her to act as a DJ for a school dance. Prior to the events in The Key, Aelita would have occasional flashbacks when she encountered things from her life like the Hermitage and Mister Pück. Thank you, lyokian, for suggesting this! and the Supercomputer. So, the time to infect and destroy X.A.N.A had finally come. In order to cover up Williams absence, Jeremie created an clone of him, which was temporarily taken control of X.A.N.A. Fortunately, Odd and Yumi deactivate the two towers thanks to Laura's help and the spectre blows up, much to Aelita's sadness as she believed it was her real mother. When team returns to Ice Replika, Aelita is transferred to Siberian research facility along with Odd. Aelita however realises that tgis tower could hold key for freeing William. sending his monsters to attack Kadic, Aelita deactivates the tower and decides to stay in Lyoko in case X.A.N.A. ANIMATION: I would say that the animation is comparative with such shows as "The New Adventures of Johnny Quest". As Jeremie thinks he hurt Aelita, he decides to go into Lyoko by himself, but an error occurs, moving Jeremie somewhere between Lyoko and Earth. À la fin de la saison 2, on découvre que XANA. Mais si la copie d'Aelita ne ré-apparaît pas dans l'épisode 11 c'est tout simplement parce que les hommes en noir du Projet Carthage sont entre temps revenus finir le travail et capturer la fille de Franz Hopper. You may have to do this a couple times before the bridge appears. But Tyron himself will surprise them with his arrival at Kadic (having gained help from the amnesic Laura) and forces Aelita to choose between seeing her mother again or never seeing her mother again by infecting his supercomputer. Finalement, il s'avère que ce rêve était prémonitoire : il se réalise quand Franz Hopper est en train de se sacrifier pour fournir l'énergie manquante au programme anti-XANA de Jérémie. Before he was accepted as a member of the Lyoko Warriors, Aelita and William rarely had any interactions with each other. To activate this power, stand over an ability hologram and press C. Aelita's wings will appear, and when she glows pink, swing the Wii remote and Nunchuk down and up together. Powers Aelita est la gardienne de Lyoko et a comme but d'empêcher XANA d'arriver à ses fins. Although Odd tends to just treat her like 'one of the gang', he and Aelita have a good friendship. Please edit this page to tell the community about yourself! She is later possessed again in the Ice Sector, but is stopped by Yumi just in time before she entered the Way Tower. takes control over the return in time function, deactivate the scanners while the group is on Lyoko, causing the team to break up by using a polymorphic clone, Jeremie sends Aelita to decode Hopper's diary, Aelita tries to shut down the supercomputer and kill herself in the process, leads Ulrich and Odd to confuse the real world with Lyoko and vice versa, X.A.N.A. will become too powerful for them when it takes control of the entire network. Elle conserve son apparence physique et ses pouvoirs bien que son pouvoir de synthétisation n'a pas encore été montré. When X.A.N.A. Jeremie later creates the Marabounta, a program that would automatically wipe Lyoko of X.A.N.A. Aelita manages to escape with Odd's help and they deactivate the tower. More Details. ambushes her and tries to kill the team inside the houses' boiler room. Aelita is the romanization of the Russian given name Аэли́та, which comes from the Ancient Greek word αέρ, meaning air. Code Lyoko is a Canadian-American 2D hand-drawn animation that previously aired on Cartoon Network on Miguzi. Aelita wears different outfits at different times on Earth. Meanwhile, William is hiding in the Mountain Sector from 5 Bloks guarding an activated tower while Yumi and Aelita are on a misison on the Cortex to find Tyron's lab's location but Yumi is devirtualized by a Krab, leaving Aelita all by herself. As Jeremie found out about the scanners and virtualization, he sent Odd Della Robbia and Ulrich Stern to Lyoko. Since Wrong Exposure, it has been established that "Schaeffer" is her true last name, although due to her new life, she is now and forever known as "Aelita Stones". Aelita is brought back to Earth, where team decides to shut down the supercomputer, since it's no more use for them anymore. She is in 8th grade for Seasons 1-2 and in 9th through Seasons 3-4. Sa voix, quelque peu grave, fait adulte. Aelita, qui est déçue et têtue, décide alors de se rendre dans Carthage pour retrouver la trace de son père. X.A.N.A attacked and Jeremie tried his best to debug the system, but there wasn't time for it to be finished and Aelita deactivated the tower and disappeared. Code Lyoko Racing. This became a small plotline for her when Jim's nephew, Chris from the Subdigitals, selected her mix to be part of an opening act and beat out two other finalists in Crash Course before performing in Music to Soothe the Savage Beast. Entre-temps, XANA décide de matérialiser des Kankrelats sur Terre via le programme de matérialisation de Jérémie […] Aelita se virtualise sur Lyoko pour désactiver une tour. Also known as Le site regroupe tout ce que tu recherches en infos, images, jeux, goodies, médias et bien plus encore ! Le dos de la carte d'Aelita montre le symbole de XANA de couleur rose. attacks, however, everyone, even Aelita herself seem to have improved physically as they go to Lyoko and deactivate tower. Finding out that Aelita isn't who she is saying she is, X.A.N.A possess him and captures Aelita. from attacking Earth, leaving Aelita inside it for 10 years. Yumi deactivates the Tower and the spectre disappears but X.A.N.A. Aelita désactivant une tour dans la saison 1-3. This skill was first brought to light in Final Mix, when she repaired a mixing board. is a way too big risk for the world and she is virtualized with the boys while Yumi lures Tyron away but he catches her. During her first couple of weeks on Earth her feelings were easily hurt and she was easily swayed by others, most notably Sissi. Ulrich et Yumi sont dévirtualisés et Aelita, attaquée par les robots de l'usine, est retranslatée sur le Réplika où elle rejoint le Skidbladnir, inconsciente. In the sewers, Aelita thanks Laura for saving her life. With discovering the Ice Replika, Aelita and Ulrich, who guard the Skid are sent to deactivate an tower that has sent William to Earth to prevent Yumi and Odd from destroying the Ice Replikas supercomputer. Then he asked her to leave the tower to check out the surroundngs while he discovered the other sectors on the Holomap but outside the tower she was immediately attacked by Kankrelats. Elle apprend à réagir aux injures de Sissi, et se découvre des talents de DJ. Fortunately, the other Warriors save him from the Scyphozoa's grip in time. JeuVidéo IFSCL (Interfaces Fictionnelles Simulées de Code Lyoko) Revenir en haut de page : Miharu11: Posté le: Mar 13 Oct 2020 12:14 Sujet du message: Inscrit le: 13 Oct 2020 Messages: 1 : Bonjour, avec la nouvelle version 4.0, je narrive pas a utiliser le code terre pour Aelita. Elle n'a alors aucun souvenir de sa vie antérieure, et apparait à Jérémie comme étant une intelligence artificielle ultra-perfectionnée. Focus: Cartoons Code Lyoko, Since: 03-17-07. Jeremie and Aelita had also worked on virtual submarine, that would allow them to travel around network, but when they are working together at night, they are caught by Jim, who puts them into detention, preventing Aelita and Jeremie from completing most vital part of creating the submarine. The 2D characters are drawn interestingly, with many sections unrealistically expanded. Aelita, however, soon developed the talent of counter insulting Sissi when she gave her and the rest of the group problems. In the episode New Order, Jeremie enrolled Aelita at Kadic under the false identity of "Aelita Stones", an orphan from Canada and Odd's cousin.