This isn’t strictly limited to kayaking, but the Google Keep is one of the best reminder apps out there. Our second smart choice is Fitbit Blaze that is best gps for kayaking / paddling. You can also record your tracks for others to view and follow. Polaris GPS. What is the best way to track and record your kayaking trips? Scoutlook Fishing. ViewRanger also offers a host of other cool features, such as its “Skyline” augmented reality feature, which allows you to pan your phone across a landscape and identify mountains, lakes and other landmarks. What Size Kayak Do I Need? Amazon: This app is fantastic for boaters, especially if you have Amazon Prime (hello, two-day delivery). It is available on both iOS and Android devices and is free for the first two weeks. You will also find that there are several photography apps that can help you create exciting videos and photos of your paddling trip, with various editing software to enhance them. While there are many tide tracker apps out there for those who love sea kayaking or open-water kayak fishing, TideTrac doesn’t require an advanced nautical knowledge to understand and use. Let … It’s a free app on iOS that lets you communicate and share experiences with other paddlers across the western US. The best part of this app — and what makes it worth the $2.99 — is the easy graphical interface that allows users to read tides in any location at a quick glance. The ability to track your paddle storks, combined with a high-quality watch and tracker makes it too good; even if it is the most expensive option on the list. The app can also give you access to marine charts to let you view water depths and it can also show you potential campsites along your route. Paddle Ready also lets you access ACA paddle instructors and send your paddle route to your family and friends before you head out. Apps have become a big part of our lives, with many of us using various apps everyday. r/Kayaking: All things paddling related! After that you it offers you the chance to subscribe for a fee of between $9.99 and $14.99, depending on the version you opt for. Want suggestions as the best and least expensive Android app for GPS for the water. FishBrain. Loaded with over 25,000 paddling locations for kayaks, canoes, paddleboards (SUPs) Go Paddling (formerly Launch Sites) provides an easy way to find a great place to paddle nearly anywhere. No So we’ve found what we consider to be the best apps for kayaking. I am looking for a kayaking app with maps of rivers/lakes/water, how long from point A to Point B, stops along the way, parking, etc. The best iPhone apps (January 2021) Browse over 35,000 canoeing and kayaking launch sites, take outs, and destinations to research and plan the perfect place to kayak, canoe, or paddle near you! You