Now I wish I could proceed on to the rest of this blog post, but people have asked the question as to whether or not this is, technically, whitewashing. The latest incident is on Ridley Scott’s The Martian, in which white actress Mackenzie Davis stars as Mindy Park, who’s identified as a Korean-American scientist in the book the film was based on. The character Mindy Park, who is of Korean lineage, is played by white actress Mackenzie Davis. But she noticed something unusual on her screen one night, and became a minor footnote in the history books. Mindy Park became a favorite, as well as the somewhat volatile Annie Montrose, head of NASA’s media relations. Vincent Kapoor: How's he doing? The Martian (2015) Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park. Send. Jeff Daniels com a Theodore, dit Teddy, Sanders, el director de la NASA. Previous Next . Mindy Park Quotes: Vincent Kapoor: How's he doing? However this is never explicitly stated in the book meaning that this doesn't really count as a difference but either way this is not the case in the movie. Tag Archives: The Martian. And yes, the minuscule role of Ryoko was played by another (mixed race) white woman (by the way, that actress, Naomi Scott, is now the new Pink Ranger). -Graham S. The timeline below shows where the character Mindy Park appears in The Martian. The anger focuses on the character of Mindy Park, who is described as Korean-American in the book and played by white actor Mackenzie Davis, and … The Martian is a 2011 science fiction novel written by Andy Weir.It was his debut novel under his own name. While looking at satellite images of the Hab, she realizes that Mark Watney is alive. She reports her findings to Venkat Kapoor, and is immediately the center of attention. I loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Though of all the secondary characters, I liked Commander Lewis the most. Mindy Park wasn't part of the mission, exactly. 16.10.2015 - Fang hat diesen Pin entdeckt. In the book it is generally agreed upon that Mindy Park is Korean because that is how author Andy Weir imagined her. Posted on January 6, 2016 by Kat | 5 comments. There’s only so many syllables in the world I guess. The Martian begins in the near (and undated) future. Other than Mark, Annie Montrose was certainly the most fun to write, because she’s so blunt. I loved it so much that the first thing I thought about doing when I walked out of the theatre was hash out everything that this Star Wars reboot had done right. For more information about Mindy Park