I parked on the South end of the reservoir near the dam, and couldn't resist fishing the tailwater.  I came back later that evening and fished the tailwater of the dam but only caught more small bass and a couple of trout.

 SACRAMENTO PERCH!!! Sacramento perch, unlike the introduced sunfish, do not protect their nests and were steadily replaced in the ecosystem by the bass, crappie and bluegill. Feeding can take place at any time of the day, with dusk and dawn hours being peak feeding periods.  My head was spinning, I needed to talk to someone and called Alex (Moose), big shout out for his calming influence.  Caught a couple more Sac Perch too, here's a pic that show's their cool eye.

With no real sign of the perch I decided to follow the path up the dam and over the reservoir.

Dude. The perch can be selective, so try different colored lures (jigs) until the bite is on.  In the fading light I'm a little confused by what it is.....

The drive North was through Nevada, here's just one of the many sights in the Nye County desert.

Fish taste chart i had a reader ask for a list of mild tasting fish and their texture.  Came back the next morning to try for suckers for a couple of hours, saw many but they were spawning.  Here it is!

As you put in your post, one minute you can be frustrated and the next jubilant, so when something bad happens - I try to focus that something good could happen on the next cast. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks allowed when fishing in Pyramid Lake. Many a time I have had some kind of cool fish bite, or something big... and lost it.  I'm taken back forty years.


 When i looked back down there were still two suckers feeding.  Once is seemed played out I started thinking about how to land it (doh!


 I looked down at that slackwater at my feet and saw 4 Owens Suckers!


I enjoyed the report and photos.  I've kept my eye on this fish for as long as I can remember, reading everything I can on it, hopefully with an eye toward catching it someday. Brasserie Capitale is your premier destination for French cuisine in Sacramento.  I decided to fish here and my wife was kind of enough to stay with me for while, pointing out suckers from the top of the bank that I couldn't see from down by the water.

I still had my float on, I could tell the water was deep so raised it a couple of feet, dropped it at a group of boulders close to shore and the float went straight down. Sit back, surrender to nature, let fate take its course, and next thing you know you've pulled in an amazing fish!  A couple of months ago my wife found out that she was being sent out to Vegas on business the week before our scheduled trip.


 I've fished huge reservoirs and done quite well, but this.....this was gonna be a challenge.

 The years haven't treated the Sacramento Perch well, declining water quality and an inability to withstand introduced Bass and Sunfish populations have made it effectively extinct in its native environment and it now only a few introduced waters have fishable populations.


Great stuff man, I also looked at pics of Sacramento perch when I was a kid and thought how cool they were being the largest and most westerly of sunfishes. That's just messed up.

I don't have a picture of it, but it was a spot where the rocks were a lot bigger than other places, there was a decent path down there so I went for it. 

I stand up now, and you are going to think I'm lying but I'm not, the first thing that goes through my mind is, it looks like a Warmouth crossed with a Crappie. ), I decided to slide down on the upstream side of the culvert, I couldn't see the fish for a few seconds and by the time I did the fish had somehow embedded itself in the abundant weed in the river.  There's hardly any shade whatsoever and around noon the wind really picks up.  I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was.  This is a pretty small stream, and when I'd hook a fish I would  quickly guide it out of the area I was fishing in and play it out as far away as possible. Channelization of the Delta and the introduction of …



. Typically about 12 inches in length and about three quarters of a pound, but have been known to reach a length of 24 inches in the state of California.

View of the reservoir!


 From what I can tell, Vegas sucks for fishing, expensive non-resident fees and not much variety in the desert. Very cool report. Pyramid Lake Regulations: Season is open year round for Sacramento perch, from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.  The most well known of these are in the Owens River Valley.

Your Owens Sucker luck reminds me of past outings of my own. About Sac Porchfest Sac Porchfest is a fun, free, community-focused afternoon of local music and comedy in Midtown Sacramento.  

Precisely, Sacramento perch, virtually a throwback to the Stone Age and certainly not a member of the latter-day, upper scale of fishdom.  Took me totally by surprise.

They virtually disappeared from California's central valley rivers and delta, when their habitat was altered and non native sunfish were introduced. Only one native population of the species, located in Clear Lake, California, currently exists, however.  Since I was old enough to hold a book I've enjoyed looking at fish pictures, and some of those fish really stand out in my mind. Hard luck with those Owens Suckers.... Not to sound mean, but, in a way, it's a little comforting to know that there are fishes that elude even your angler's grasp. The largest recorded Sacramento Perch caught in Pyramid Lake weighed in at 4 lbs, 9 oz (1971), which is the current State record. Best Romantic Restaurants in Sacramento, California: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of THE BEST Sacramento Romantic Restaurants and search by price, location, and more. These assembly areas may also have submerged roots, rock piles, and sticks. The best lures include plastic minnows, tube baits, spinners, small jigs, and small streamers. However they are opportunistic, feeding on prey like amphipods, beetles, caddisflies, dragonfly/ damselfly nymphs, or larger zooplankton (daphnia, etc).

There was this big boulder in front of where I was fishing, and I couldn't see what was there because of the shadow in front of the rock, but i did see a lot of suckers swim into that darkness.

That evening I thought about it more, California is in a drought, and the spillway from the reservoir to the river looked like it hadn't gotten wet in a few years, I decided to concentrate on the water of the reservoir rather than the spillway.

EN Native to the Sacramento River system. Sacramento perch reach sexual maturity in year 2 or 3 and generally spawn from March through early August when water temperatures range from 18-29°C. It seems to me that Sacramento perch are pretty rare and the subject of conservation efforts. There are also bass, sacramento perch, … Read the latest reviews of Sacramento and Northern California's top restauraunts, breweries, wineries and more. Sacramento Blackfish Orthodon microlepidotus.  There were a load of suckers though! Great read.


 I'm sure everyone here can relate. Because these fish compete with the trout for available forage, the Tribal Council has recently approved dropping the bag limit.  I've fished tidal rivers for carp, catfish and stripers, mill ponds for bluegills, swamps for bowfin, and tiny native trout streams. Taste similar to salmon.

So while I'm thinking all of this I see my rod tip bounce and I set the hook and hook something that's not a sucker.  I'm not a huge fan of cast out and wait fishing these days, but right now it was kind of cool, the temperature was really nice, I was startled by a mink on the far bank at one point.

I should mention the weather at the point, its not what I'm used too, it starts off in the 50, quite nice, as soon as the sun peeks over the horizon it jumps to the 80's, building up to triple digits by lunch time. This unique California native feeds on plankton and grows to 18 inches, these qualities giving it high omega-3 acids and making it one of the best tasting fish in the world.

Here's the spot near the weed beds.

 The Sacramento Perch is one of those fish.

Even if it took me a good two glasses of water just to get through that report, I'm up for the Owens Sucker challenge one of these days.  They were beautiful with stripes down their sides, how many people have seen them spawn?


 I caught a few more small bass, I even caught a bunch of bluegills, but no luck with suckers, she left me to fish until a half hour or so after sunset. The mouth is large and oblique, with the maxilla extending just below



 Straight away I was into fish, fish after fish after fish.....all rainbows and one lone brown.

3) Sacramento Perch are one of the only species of fish that is almost entirely extinct in its native range yet nowhere near extinct as a species because of its other, non-native distributions like those in Oregon. Same thing in Crowley Lake, California - they're extremely common and people fill up their stringers with them every year.  Here's the closest most easily accessible spot.

The Owens River is home to only four native species of fish; Owens Pupfish, Owens Speckled Dace, Owens Sucker, and Owens Tui Chub. I love the look of those sacramento perch, and you told a very good story about your outing. New "Dine Downtown" Specials for pickup and delivery! The slightly lower temps of the yellow perch are appealing lowmid 70s optimal but can tolerate much lower vs low 80s for tilapia.

The applicants state that this is a logical follow−up to their present CALFED project (ERP−02−P34) which studies the basic biology of Sacramento perch. Thanks, Mr. PMK!  It was a fun place to fish because you could see while the sun was up.  The Pupfish and Tui Chub are federally endangered, and the Dace and Sucker are of "Special Concern" for the state of California.  I feel older a lot of days now, but never when I'm fishing, when I'm fishing I can jump up and down rocks with the best of them.

I wish I had more to report for this day, mostly I just walked up the reservoir, and checked out a few spots, nothing looked too likely until I got way up close to the top of the reservoir  where I found some weed beds. The filet slabs of a 2-pound Sacramento Perch would be a half-inch thick and the taste of the filet about two times tastier than a … - Lonely Prior to spawning, perch gather in shallow areas abundant with filamentous algae and macrophytes.  I fished for awhile, pretty much using up the rest of the time I had before I needed to rendezvous with my ride. I'd rather fish weather 150*F cooler... maybe I'm a wimp but the 90*F temps a couple days ago had me just about at my limit... Good to see a report from you, Pat, and big congrats on them perch! Best Dinner Restaurants in Sacramento, California: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of THE BEST Sacramento Dinner Restaurants and search by price, location, and more.  


» Pyramid Lake Fishing » Fishing Tips » Sacramento Perch.  Crazy, crazy, crazy thrilled, excited beyond belief. Its shit like that that will keep an angler coming back for more and more. Sacramento Perch It's funny, they are in serious decline in their native range, but as an invasive species (like in Pyramid Lake, NV) they can be caught in almost unlimited numbers.

Getting in position, I set up a float a few feet over a chunk of nightcrawler and decided to take advantage of the light breeze to drift the worm over the weed bed. Shore/boat fishermen can do well using light fly fishing gear, or 6 to 7 ft spinning tackle with 4 pound test line or less.  She didn't think it would be worth it to fly back to Virginia and then back out to Vegas so decided  to stay.


Maximum size in Oregon is about 12-inches in length and a weight of about 3/4 pound, although in California they have been known to reach a length of 24 inches.  I caught a bass and a bluegill in quick succession. Trout are an amazing fish. And they’re bringing them home in baskets. Focus hard on a goal, put in a ton of effort, and everything goes wrong. Sacramento perch reach sexual maturity in year 2 or 3 and generally spawn from March through early August when water temperatures range from 18-29°C. During the day, they tend to hang in and around submerged tufa rocks off shore, or near shore tufa rocks (or other structures). It means a lot!

After some wild twists and turns in the mountains the Owens Valley was in sight!

 Most people fish the Owen's for trout, introduced Brown and Rainbow trout thrive, there are limited populations of Largemouth and Bluegill (who don't do well in the Alkaline water of the Owens) and perhaps most interesting for my purposes a thriving population of Sacramento Perch.

The Sacramento Perch, Archoplites interruptus, is the only sunfish native to the western United States, where it was historically found in northern and central California. The Sacramento perch (Archoplites interruptus) is an endangered sunfish (family Centrarchidae) native to the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, Pajaro, and Salinas River areas in California, but widely introduced throughout the western United States..


It's cool to see all the spots you fished its not how I pictured it. extirpitated Sacramento perch from their native range (the Delta and Suisun Bay).


It's funny how often once you slow your mind and find that Zen introspective place in your soul that you find a exceptional fish on the end of your line.

So the next morning I ignored the river below the dam and made the mile or so trek to the weed beds I had discovered the day before. Sacramento perch (Archoplites interruptus) are members of the sunfish family. and congrats on the Sacramento Perch.  I was so excited at this point that my hands were shaking! Ranch is a salad dressing or a dip consisting of buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, herbs (such as dill, parsley, and chives), and spices (such as mustard seed, black pepper, and … roughfish identification, lifelist angling, fishing rare unusual fish species: bowfin burbot buffalo gar redhorse suckers carp,

A lot of my earliest memories revolve around fish and fishing.  On the one hand I spent some time on this place and was beginning to understand it a little bit, I only had the evening and perhaps the next morning for a couple of hours left and I began to start an internal debate about whether or not to shift my attention elsewhere.

But studying the biology of Sacramento perch does not seem like a Prior to spawning, perch gather in shallow areas abundant with filamentous algae and macrophytes. Adaptability and status of introductions of Sacramento perch, Archoplites interruptus, in North America.  I decided to cast my worm in there and hope for the best.


But, on the positive side, you never have to worry about Sacramento Perch babies - since this species does not build nests or protect it's young.


 I put the bait in front of one and the other one ran over and sucked it in!  What comes up to the surface, a largemouth bass of about a pound! Have wanted to catch one ever since.  I didn't have another bite.

 Apparently he didn't get the memo that LMB don't live in alkaline reservoirs that are better suited for trout. That's awesome, great report and great fish!  This was right near where we staying (no coincidence).

To catch the perch now, you have to go to one of three places- Crowley Lake near Bishop, Pyramid Lake in Nevada or … Pyramid Lake Online Fishing Permits and Links to Regulations.  I gets a little tangled around the rock in front of me but I manage to yank it out.  I'm not too excited by this at all and decide I'll just sit down rather than stand up to land the fish and I'll swing it to my hand.  Eventually as the sun went down it became a lot harder to spot fish and I decided to fish blind for the rest of my time. Sacramento perch will feed on insects, insect larvae, aquatic crustaceans, and small fish.


 It was probably the ugliest non-reservoir spot on the Owens, just a little water flow, hardly any weed in the water and no trout.  It broke off, I was so pissed I threw my rod into the bushes, something I haven't done in YEARS!  Lately I've been thinking a lot about why I fish, which I never really did before, I think its for a lot of reasons but as I though back on the day I had experienced I came to the revelation that part of it is so you can still be that little kid of what seems like a million years ago.

I also saw a couple of non-trout looking things that turned out to be these guys.

There are no set possession limits for these non-native fish, which can compete with smaller native Pyramid Lake fish for the same food sources.  No stealth here, getting down to the water pretty much involved an ungraceful slide with all sorts of rocks and sand falling in to the water as you tumble down the bank.

Many people call walleye the best-tasting fish in freshwater, although yellow perch should also get the same accolades, as they are a smaller cousin. I especially love the first pic on here of the strip club.  As you can probably see from the pictures, in addition to being featureless the reservoir banks were ridiculously steep and covered in loose rock. Find food and drink news on the best places to eat in the city.

On the way back to the spot that I had hooked two suckers we crossed a bridge just a short way downstream and decided to jump out and have a look.  I hatched a plan to come out a few days early, we'd drive the four hours North to the Owens River, stay a couple of nights, drive back down and be in Vegas by Saturday.

Felt like I was right there with you. We feature only the freshest high-quality ingredients and wines, offering a taste of both traditional and modern French cuisine. Adult perch are mostly piscivorous (fish eaters).  (rod was fine thank goodness! Is this legal? It's a paradox, really. What is the difference between tilapia raw and atlantic ocean perch raw. I thought Sacramento perch were protected.  After a lunch and a couple of beers and brief nap, I headed back to the river that evening to catch my Owens Sucker.

 In a matter of hours I went from being the most frustrated I've been with fishing in a long time to the most happy I've been with it in a long time. )

You can grow them to decent size in 6 months.



There was pull off at the first bridge we crossed so we hopped out to have a look.

 I also saw loads of tui chub aggressively hitting an insect hatch that morning.



 I took this picture while standing on a culvert pipe like the ones you see in the picture. Sacramento is undergoing something of a cultural renaissance with its numerous microbreweries, farm-to-fork restaurants, trendy boutiques, and gastropubs, as well as Golden 1 Center – the new-ish home of the Sacramento Kings. It's funny, they are in serious decline in their native range, but as an invasive species (like in Pyramid Lake, NV) they can be caught in almost unlimited numbers. The event showcases some of the things that make Sacramento great – talented musicians and comedians, tree-lined streets, beautiful architecture, and friendly communities. As is so often the case with common names, the Sacramento perch isn't actually a true perch. And those Perch pics are out of this world cool.

I went back to the parking lot and then headed to town. The grassroots event debuted in Sacramento in 2015 and is hosted annually. Catfish are great for a year round fish. While not as frequent as it used to be I have been known to curse like a sailor or in extreme cases, throw the rod.