15 modules; 1500 hours; Associate Diploma At Digital Defynd, we help you find the best courses, certifications and tutorials online. The University of New England has a highly rated online course in environmental science. Environmental science is a rapidly growing field. Sustainability consultant 9. Accredited by the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES), this course provides you with the tools to succeed in your future career. Water quality scientistJobs where your degree would be useful include: 1. Waste management officer 10. Environmental education officer 3. Very much an interdisciplinary subject, environmental science degrees challenge students to combine skills and knowledge from a variety of different fields. Environmental Science Research - HRENS80; NQF level: 8: Credits: 36: Module presented in : Module presented online: Purpose: of this module is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to undertake a basic scientific ressearch project.This involves planning, executing and compiling a … Environmental consultant 2. Urbanization has led to increasing environmental sustainability issues, and addressing the rising challenges and keeping urbanism in check without hindering progress becomes a key area of research. Some of these courses lead to certifications. Environmental engineer 4. Candidates those holding M.Sc degree in Environmental Science can find many lucrative career opportunities in India as well as in abroad. – Learn about the trends and tools used in carrying out impact analysis of urban activities on its sustainability. One year of full-time study is generally between 0.8 and 1.2 EFTS. This program is available for free, but you can also get certified (requires a small payment) to boost your career profile. The list includes both free and paid resources that help you learn Environmental Science. Here, on MIT Open Course ware, you will find course material from across disciplines – engineering, arts, humanities, history, architecture, urban planning, economics and policy, that can help you learn about a man’s relationship with the environment and how the best solutions to environmental issues are derived from multiple disciplines. -Learn about the current environmental issues like environmental ethics, sustainability, global health, and public policy analysis, -Credits from other courses you pursued earlier or relevant work experience can help you complete the course sooner, -Get access to online tools, and other resources that help you complete the course successfully. The course has many units, allowing you to design a program to suit your career goals. Check our curation of Best Astronomy Courses. Environment Courses (MIT Open Courseware), 6. Plan your studies abroad now. Taking a course in environmental sciences gives students the opportunity to comprehend planetary challenges that have been triggered by humans along with those that have occurred through natural means. ¥ç¨‹ï¼šç‰©ç†åŒ–学方法, Climate Change: The Science and Global Impact, Agricultural Water Management: Water,-Society and Technology Interactions. These schools represent the least expensive options for obtaining an online bachelor's degree in environmental science. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources, Environmental Science, Geography and Geoinformatics, Geology or related areas from the University of Copenhagen or other Danish, Nordic or international universities may be admitted if their programme includes three of the following five areas: 9 institutions in Singapore offering Environmental Sciences degrees and courses. There is a vast scope in private or in the government sector for the environments science degree holders. 1. Information about Environmental Sciences Degrees. Environmental Science is course which envelops the study of subjects like evaluating alternative energy system, earth processes, mitigation & pollution control, effect of global climate change, natural resource management etc. Geotechnical engineer 4. -These courses are designed by the world’s best universities and institutions, -Learn how to derive practical solutions to environmental issues like pollution, global warming, sustainability, and waste management, -Choose from a variety of topics related to environmental studies, -Get access to tons of resources like videos, quizzes, and tools, -Some of these courses will prepare you for respective certification examinations. This could mean exploring aspects of biology, chemistry, physics, geography, Earth and marine sciences, and also social sciences. While some of these courses provide a comprehensive overview of broader topics like environmental science, energy, ecosystems, and natural resource management, there are other courses that delve deeper into niche topics like global warming, solar energy, sustainability, and Tsunamis. Environmental science is the study of how the various physical, biological, chemical, and meteorological factors interact within a given environment, as well as how these factors impact the organisms living within it - including human beings. Environmental Sciences degrees teach students about ways to save and preserve nature, and sum up an interdisciplinary field that searches for solutions to environmental problems. Accredited by the Institution of Environmental Science, this course demonstrates high quality and innovative design. A team of 50+ global Environmental Science professionals has compiled this list of 5 best online courses for 2021. It involves both field work, lab research and testing. Our research directly informs our course materials – in the most recent Research Excellence Framework results, 69% of our development studies research and 76% of our geography and environmental studies research was assessed as being world-leading or internationally excellent. The idea is to combine multiple perspectives and data sources, to build up a fuller understanding of natural and human environments. A postgraduate conversion course is ideal for you, and could be a valuable investment in your future, as it will allow you to explore a vocational field and enhance your job prospects. 1 This is faster than the national average for all professions. The Bachelor’s program offered by University of Phoenix, prepares students to solve the current environmental challenges. Environmental science and technology is concerned with a wide range of issues of major importance to society, such as the extraction of raw materials from waste, waste water recycling, the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, atmospheric research or material conversion processes with minimal effects on the environment. Built Environment Sustainability assessment by Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (edX), 4. Environmental manager 5. You will study topics from other disciplines like Biology and Chemistry too. You'll develop techniques in scientific modelling to achieve practical solutions to … Landscape architect 5. This course covers multiple disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and physical science. Learn how to solve complex problems related to pollution control, water treatment and environmental sustainability with free online courses from leading universities worldwide. The course provides the opportunity to develop interests in particular areas of Environmental Science through tutorials, seminars and an extended desk study. Explore your passion for environmental management, sustainability and species conservation in our Bachelor of Environmental Science degree. It runs for 3 years (or 4 if you do a Bachelor of Science honours year). Nature conservation officer 7. These courses are part of the MIT’s Undergraduate and Graduate program curricula. Environmental Science and Sustainability (Coursera), 2. Wish you a Happy Learning! A Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) with a minor. You will find courses on subjects like climate change, ecosystems, geology, transport systems, nuclear energy, environmental challenges, and sustainable development. -Get an in-depth understanding of environmental issues like climate change and sustainability, -Courses on a variety of topics related to environment and biology are available, -Choose from short-term courses, in-depth programs, and postgraduate degrees, -These courses are available free of cost, -You can upgrade your course to earn a Certificate of Achievement, -These courses give you an opportunity to interact and learn from industry experts, academicians, peers. The in-depth, 6-course program covers biobased conversion and biorefinery processes and is intended to help scientists and individuals learn how how to tackle environmental problems by reducing their carbon footprint and making the switch from fossil fuels to alternative and renewable forms of energy. The course discusses several issues related to the environment, like, environmental law, global health, ethics, risk assessment, and technology. This Master's degree is designed for students who wish to practice across a broad range environmental engineering and apply new sustainable risk management strategies for complex environmental problems. 18 month full time distance education course. If the minor is from another undergraduate degree, the regulations of that programme will apply. Learn to understand and manage all sorts of environments. Nature & Environment Courses (FutureLearn), 5. These courses are designed by the best universities from across the world. You need to complete the course, pay the certification fee and take the respective examinations to get the certificate. A team of 50+ global Environmental Science professionals has compiled this list of 5 best online courses for 2021. Further into the course, you will develop critical thinking, learn how to use critical information, and hone your communication and analytical skills. Environmental Sciences is a field that studies the natural processes, their causes and effects. During your first year, you gain a solid grounding in the wide range of environmental issues which threaten our world, while also developing field skills essential for work in this discipline. Employment opportunites have continued to rise over the last decade, making environmental science and conservation one of the most fascinating and highly sought after fields or work. Professionals in architecture and urban development can sign up for this comprehensive training program on edX to learn about the tools and strategies to design and build model cities with optimized resources. EFTS. They are related to one of the four topics – Earth Systems and Climate Science, Engineering for Sustainability, Environmental Governance, and Environmental Histories and Cultures. This course covers fundamentals of thermodynamics, chemistry, flow and transport processes as applied to energy systems. They especially focus on what the causes of climate change are, and what kind of impact the climate change has. Graduates may be eligible for courses offered through other Colleges, and do not need to concentrate their search for a programme in their own specific College. Fort Hays State University, the #1 option, charges only $6,560 per year. Throughout the course students gain important skills in data analysis and interpretation, lab and field methods, plus GIS and remote sensing. 68 universities in UK offering 299 Undergraduate Environmental Science courses. Take a look at the full list of courses at PACE academy, which includes Diploma Conversion, Diploma in Engineering, Business Analytics, and more. Town planner 6. Level The courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners, and experts. edX offers a wide range of courses related to Environmental Studies. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience and to serve tailored advertising. You can opt to pursue a series of rigorous courses to specialize in a niche area of environmental science or prepare to take industry certification examinations. Check our compilation of Best Archaeoastronomy Courses. Career Outlook. Read more The Environmental Science major encompasses both the biological and the earth sciences. Marine biologist 6. The list includes both free and paid resources that help you learn Environmental Science. It’s an instructor-led course that has to be taken as per the planned schedule. Develop foundational scientific knowledge and gain hands-on skills in state-of-the-art facilities and on field trips in the living laboratory of World Heritage rainforests, reefs and rivers that surround our campuses. Browse environmental science and ecology postgraduate courses at Birkbeck, University of London on prospects.ac.uk. To find out what your course involves check the course information page. Hundreds of experts come together to handpick these recommendations based on decades of collective experience. The possibilities are wide ranging, from investigations of plant life and global conservation strategies to the application of economic principles t… The course list below is particularly inspired by two interdisciplinary MIT programs. Study soils, vegetation, wildlife, environmental assessment managing projects, research skills and more. Environmental health practitioner 2. In addition to compulsory modules on topics such as biodiversity and sustainable land use, you can explore areas of particular interest through the optional modules you choose. Recycling officer 8. Each school on this list offers a tuition rate under $17,000 per year. Key info for prospective students including uni course requirements & course reviews. -By pursuing a series of courses you move several steps forward to completing the graduate or undergraduate syllabus, -You will learn about the environment from the perspective of a number of fields including  history, humanities, and economics, -The curriculum of the courses includes lectures, lab experiments, and examinations, -You will get access to lecture videos, study material and reading material. Placements. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of environmental scientists and specialists is predicted to grow by 8% through 2028. So these were the 6 Best Environmental Sciences Courses, Certification, Classes and Degree available online for 2021. Take online courses in environmental science, natural resource management, environmental policy and civic ecology. University Environmental Studies Certificates & Courses (edX), 3. These courses will teach you how to solve the current environmental issues while placing due importance on the long-term health of environmental systems. Find your ideal course and apply now. So far we have served 1.2 Million+ satisfied learners and counting. The course is highly inter-disciplinary, providing students with a rigorous understanding of environmental processes, in parallel to studies in environmental policy and management approaches. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (University of Phoenix), Environmental Science and Sustainability (Coursera), University Environmental Studies Certificates & Courses (edX), Built Environment Sustainability assessment by Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (edX), Nature & Environment Courses (FutureLearn), Environment Courses (MIT Open Courseware), Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (University of Phoenix), 5 Best + Free Reverse Engineering Courses [2021 JANUARY], 4 Best Organic Chemistry Courses Online [2021 JANUARY], 10 Best + Free Biotechnology Courses & Certification [2021 JANUARY], 4 Best Astrophysics Courses & Classes [2021 JANUARY] [UPDATED], 5 Best + Free DNA Courses & Classes [2021 JANUARY], 7 Best + Free Physiology Courses & Classes [2021 JANUARY], 4 Best Molecular Biology Courses & Classes [2021 JANUARY]. The way we are thoughtlessly consuming energy and other natural resources, poses serious challenges to the environment. The courses you find on FutureLearn will help you understand how exploitation of natural resources will shape tomorrow’s environmental challenges. It would be helpful if the students enrolling know the basic concepts of energy, material properties, and urbanism. -These courses are designed by some of the best universities in the world and taught by the best instructors, -You can choose to specialize in a sub-field of environmental science or prepare for industry certification examinations, -Based on the course(s) you take up, you can earn an electronic course certificate, specialization certificate or an industry certificate, -Get access to loads of resources like peer-reviewed assignments, videos and tools. – Implement learned concepts by analyzing the case study of the Sustainability Plan for the University of British Columbia. Hope you found what you were looking for. Water, waste and environmental engineering has been traditionally referred to as public health engineering in the United Kingdom. – Understand the concepts of climate change from Nobel Prize winners Edward S. Rubin and Sir Harold Kroto. Why study Environment with The Open University? Experience also hones your skills, industry knowledge and professional network, making you a sought after graduate. Topics include analysis of energy conversion in thermomechanical, thermochemical, electrochemical, and photoelectric processes in existing and future power and transportation systems, with emphasis on efficiency, environmental impact and performance. Solutions to environmental issues need an interdisciplinary perspective. This means that theoretical and practical aspects will blend together perfectly in order to draw conclusions and find solutions. Environmental issues are many and varied so the use of an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving is essential. Note that each module in the Certificate In Environmental Studies is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately. Through this program, you will learn how the scientific principles and the environment are interconnected. Jobs directly related to your degree include: 1. – Learn the theoretical framework of performing impact analysis to understand model urban planning. Environmental Science and Sustainability courses provided by Coursera are designed and administered by the universities from across the world. A career in environmental science lets you apply your love of natural science in many ways. The future is bright for careers in environmental science. Students who go on work experience tend to graduate with better degrees. EFTS stands for equivalent full-time student. The courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners, and experts. Following successful completion of the taught part of the course, students embark on a closely supervised research project intended to expand the skills and knowledge base acquired in earlier modules. Under this course, aspirants can apply for a research degree in government organizations. Topics covered in the courses include pollution, environmental policy, waste management, conservation, sustainability, agriculture, and climate change. An EFTS is the study time required for each course and is used by the Tertiary Education Commission to decide if a course is part-time or full-time. Have a look at our take on Best Geology Courses. PACE academy offers conversion courses, digitalisation courses, adult education diploma and continuing education courses, for working executives. Estates manager 3. You may choose a minor from any university undergraduate degree that has recognised minors. These courses are designed some of the best universities and institutions around the world and administered by their respective faculty.